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Qualia noir

Qualia Noir is a London based indie rock band fronted by an American singer. The band formed in October 2018 after meeting at a ‘Battle of the Bands’ at University College London’s Live Music Society. Alex Gomez (frontman) and Max Wanduragala (drummer) performed in the same group and met Harry Ruprecht (lead guitarist) at the event. The trio formed an instant connection and began to shape their own sound.

The group played their first show together just before Christmas. Around the same time, Alex and Harry recorded an acoustic version of their song ‘Anything’ at Dean Street Studios in London with Charlie Rolfe producing the track. In January 2019, Qualia Noir performed their first headline slot at the Dublin Castle in Camden Town. They played several more shows through the end of March while building up a local following.

Qualia Noir draws influence from the likes of British bands, Arctic Monkeys and The Clash, with an American flavour of John Mayer, Foo Fighters, and Moran Street. In May 2019, the group went to a local studio with Irish producer Ian Flynn to record their first set of singles. Matt Walter flew out from America to record bass on the tracks.

The singles will be released in the coming months while the group plays a series of dates on a ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ tour.

Vocals, Guitar / Alex Gomez
Lead Guitar / Harry Ruprecht
Drums / Max Wanduragala
Bass / Matt Walter